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We are Peopleway. We disrupt the way you do people development and help transform your investment in corporate learning into measurable business results.

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Discover reliable analytics

We offer you the most reliable and rich people analytics on the market. Our cloud-based Impact Management solution is powered by 25 million impact measurements and 30 years of experience.

Get actionable insights

We help our clients prioritize and optimize their investments – every 10 seconds. Do you also want live feedback on the business impact of your corporate training programs?

Create higher impact

We give you the tools to increase the business impact of your investment in people development by 200-300 %. Let us help you put the EARN in corporate learning.

Cloud-based Software

Get the insights you need to make strategic people decisions

The Peopleway® solution gives you an invaluable understanding of how your people development programs impact your business. Our cloud-based Impact Management tools and analytics help you challenge and optimize your current people development practices. And most importantly, our solution will enable you to fine-tune organizational learning and performance on a level you never imagined possible.

Empower your ERP or LMS. Integrate the Peopleway Solution® to fully leverage the value of your people data.

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Our Approach

Driving impact is a 3 step process

Link people and strategy

Disrupt and rethink strategic alignment of training programs with our cutting edge Impact Map approach. Make your strategy actionable. Ensure that you develop and measure the critical skills and behaviors that will drive strategic impact.

Measure and maximize impact

Assess learning needs. Measure and optimize learning outcome. Track changes in business-critical behavior. Improve procurement and learning content. And do it all based on exclusive analytical insight.

Drive performance

Increase the quality and business impact of your people development through data-driven continuous improvement. Fuel organizational change and strategic decision-making. Coach and engage your stakeholders with real-time feedback.


Mission Statement

We make a difference

Our mission is to enable organizations to boost strategy execution by leveraging the full potential of people to drive organizational performance.

This is why we go above and beyond to offer a uniquely intelligent, user-friendly and innovative Impact Management solution – that meets the needs of tomorrow’s people analytics market.


Our Clients

We work with innovators and market leaders

Our clients and partners are recognized training providers and consulting businesses as well as market leading companies across a wide range of industries.

Client profiles
Among our clients you’ll find market leaders within retail, finance, telecommunications, pharma and sustainable energy.

Our cloud solution empowers learners, trainers, L&D professionals, academies, business developers, people managers, executives and decision makers on all levels. Areas of high priority to our clients are sales, leadership, change, technical training, safety, compliance and IT.