The Business Impact Management Solution

The Peopleway® Business Impact Management Solution reinforces Organizational Behavior improving Business Results the most

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Peopleway® FIND

The key to unlock

Peopleway® FIND is the key to unlock a new level of Business Results. Use Automated Predictive Analytics to find the most critical drivers for increased organizational performance. Identification of business-critical behavior is the first step to create significant improvements in FRAUD Savings, Regress, Overpayment, Sales and Cross Sales.

Peopleway® BOOST

Do less - achieve more

Peopleway® BOOST is a new and innovative shortcut to success. Use Smart Behavior Initiatives to create superior results with fewer resources. Prioritize business-critical drivers, continuously monitor change and use micro nudging to significantly improve behavior and organizational performance in only 3 months.

Peopleway® REINFORCE

Double on the Bottom Line

Peopleway® REINFORCE is a game changer for a sustainable impact on the Bottom Line. Continuously monitor, learn & predict to boost and consolidate business-critical behavior into long term performance improving workflows. Adaptive Behavior Reinforcement creates long-term improvement of Business Results in 6 months.

Peopleway® Business Impact Management Solution

Peopleway® adds human behavior and cognition to enterprise resource data

Peopleway® has created a unique and powerful IT solution adding human behavior and cognition to enterprise resource data. The Peopleway® Solution continuously monitors and modulates data on business resources and people: business goals, value chains, workflows, business units, KPIs, behaviors, attitudes, and knowledge. Predictive algorithms identify the strongest performance drivers and reinforce individual behaviors to create more sustainable performance-enhancing workflows.

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Our Aspiration

To Make Impact


85% increase in FRAUD Savings in 4 months

Industry: Insurance


66% reduction in error payout in 3 months

Industry: Employment Service


34% increase in Sales in 6 months

Industry: Finance Sector

Your Vision is Our Mission
This is why we go above and beyond to offer a solution that enables you to develop tomorrow´s capability to win
Years of Research
Missing Link
Steps and a World of Difference
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Our Clients

Innovators and Market Leaders

Our clients think differently. They know that humans and technology must evolve together. They are curious and insist to do better. They do not accept status quo. They know that we must constantly acquire new technology but have also learned that technology must learn from people and adapt to individual needs.

Our purpose

“Peopleway develops technologies to bring out the best in others. We are the sum of our actions ... we are what we do ... Our behavior defines who we are. It is the passion to develop the most value-creating behavior that unites Peopleway and our customers. Every day I get more and more excited to see the outcomes we create together" - CEO Lars Julin