The Peopleway® 360 Feedback Solution

Peopleway® 360 is a powerful and flexible cloud solution for implementing 360 feedback in any size of organization. The solution is developed in close collaboration with Thought Leaders within Leadership Development .

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Enterprise Governance

Peopleway® Evaluation Design

The Peopleway® 360 Feedback solutions is based on the powerful Peopleway® Enterprise Architecture. This means unlimited flexibility combined with state-of-the-art governance and protection of your data. For example: For each client, for each survey, for each theme, for each question and for each respondent you have the flexibility to change targets, questions, languages etc. and you will still be able to compare data. Design custom flows of communication, data collections and reporting, single or recurrent measurement design.

Seamless Deployment

Peopleway® Data Collection

Peopleway® 360 distributes feedback surveys by e-mail, smartphone and QR-code. The solution can be integrated with any ERP, LMS and SSO. The Data Entry wizard enables custom build portals to collect responses, to welcome, support and engage the participant and distribute results. Raters may also be enrolled from the portal by the ratee. Real-time ratee and rater status overview is available for survey administrators. Peopleway 360 is a powerful feedback tool that gives customers maximum flexibility, reliability and participants more value from rater feedback.

Powerful 360 Reporting

Peopleway® Reporting

The Peopleway® 360 Reporting is developed in close collaboration with international clients, strategic partners and Thought Leaders within Leadership Development. The Peopleway® 360 Feedback Standard Reports includes Standalone and Development Reports. Highlights are individual subjects, themes and overall scores, positive/negative blind spots, aggregated reporting and Heat Maps. Status reports is available for one or more ratees. Reports can be customized to whatever need of the individual client.

Peopleway® 360 Feedback

The Peopleway® 360 Feedback Solution

"Peopleway® 360 is created with the aim of offering a solution with the highest degree of flexibility, reliability and adaptation to the individual customers needs. The solution offers scalability to support global rollout, smart governance of data over time and high data security. Peopleway 360 helps ratees to receive feedback and see own strengths and development opportunities in a new light. I am very proud of our 360-degree feedback flagship and I would love to be able to share it with you soon - Partner Erik N. Hansen, 2021"

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