The Learning Impact Measurement Solution

The Peopleway® Learning Impact Measurement Solution uses SMART Impact Mapping, Test Design, real-time reporting and custom Dashboards to measure Learning, Behavior, Competencies, Skills, Employee and Customer Satisfaction at any scale.

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Impact by design

Peopleway® Impact Map

Peopleway® Impact Mapping helps you design reliable tests and develop High Impact Learning initiatives. Impact Mapping is a powerful tool and process for designing learning goals and developing tests with a very high validity. Developing a Peopleway Impact Map, the solution intelligently detects learning taxonomies, domains and active verbs, guiding the user to create the most effective learning design and most reliable test. Developing a new learning module or program, the optimal training time is estimated to balance time and resources. Peopleway® is so much more than measurements.

Evaluation by Design

Peopleway® Evaluation Design

Peopleway® Evaluation Design is a flexible and comprehensive framework that can be configured to meet any evaluation need. Whether you need a stand-alone measurement or impact measurement, needs-assessment, training evaluation, retention measurements or just a combination of multiple measurements, it's a single click operation. Data collection can be requested via emails, mobile phones or from third-party systems. Peopleway® can integrate with any ERP, LMS and SSO so that the work with evaluation is reduced to a minimum. Experience full flexibility and the highest level of automization at the same time.

Intelligent Cloud Reporting

Peopleway® Reporting

Peopleway® Reporting is a comprehensive and customizable reporting framework. The solution has a wide range of automized reports designed to analyze learning needs, competencies, skills, learning impact, learning transfer, behavior change, participant or customer satisfaction and more. Reports can be customized using a wide range of filters and filter combinations. Custom dashboards can be made available to all stakeholders: Respondents, Managers, Instructors, Course developers, HR, Management, Partners, etc. Reporting can also be made by integration with third-party systems like ERP, LMS or BI.

Peopleway® Learning Impact Measurement

An Impact Measurement Solution that doubles the behaviour impact

Peopleway® has created a unique Cloud Solution to creates the most reliable and valid measurements of human cognition and behavior. The solution is based on 30 years of research and has collected more than 40 million measurements accross the world. Peopleway® is more than a unique evaluation system. It is also an improvement system. Peopleway® helps you create High Impact Learning initiatives that doubles the behaviour impact. The solution supports the Instructor and Course developer in optimizing development initiatives and helps the individual participant to learn more.

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Our Aspiration

Validity and Impact

Learning Impact

65% fulfillment of the initial learning gap

Peopleway® Benachmark 2021

Learning Transfer

76% retention of change in Knowledge and Attitudes

Peopleway® Benachmark 2021

Behaviour Change

30% change in Behavior three months after training

Peopleway® Benachmark 2021

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Our clients think differently. They know that humans and technology must evolve together. They are curious and insist to do better. They do not accept status quo. They know that we must constantly acquire new technology but have also learned that technology must learn from people and adapt to individual needs.

Our purpose

“Peopleway develops technologies to bring out the best in others. We are the sum of our actions ... we are what we do ... Our behavior defines who we are. It is the passion to develop the most value-creating behavior that unites Peopleway and our customers. Every day I get more and more excited to see the outcomes we create together. CEO Lars Julin”